For small and midsize companies, expanding into international markets looks like and expensive and daunting proposition with a seemingly difficult language barrier and unfamiliar customs laws.  But with NavPac Advisors at your side, none of these fears will prove to be an obstacle for expanding into China, the largest export market outside the United States.

Our service offerings include: 

  • Translation and cultural training 
  • Market development research 
  • Introductions to local distributors and wholesalers 
  • Obtaining the necessary permitting and licenses 
  • China based marketing and promotion 
  • Public relations building with Chinese government agencies. 

More Services

  • Investors_Small3

    Chinese Enterprise & Investors

    Enter or expand your footprint in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania. 

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  • Agencies_Small3

    US Government Agencies & Non-Profits

    We have experience working with Chinese & US government agencies.

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  • Educational_Small3

    Cultural, Tourism and Educational Exchanges

    Working with non-profit organizations to promote their cultural offerings in China.

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  • USBusinesses_Small3

    US Businesses

    Expand into international markets easily with the help of NavPac Advisors.

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  • Intelligence_Small3

    Business & Cultural Intelligence

    We can guide you through potential traps for the unwary. 

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  • Relations_Small3

    Government Relations

    We have experience working with Chinese & US government agencies.

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