Cross-cultural business transactions are fraught with risks arising from differing perspectives and reactions to personal and business interactions.  Many deals have failed to materialize because one or both parties misinterpreted the actions of the other.  Seemingly innocuous dinner conversation taken through a different cultural lens can lead to severing of business and personal ties. NavPac Advisors can help ensure that you don’t step on a business or cultural landmine.  After all, what you think is a charming story which everyone has always laughed at can be seen as an insult to another with a different cultural perspective. 


NavPac Advisor can guide you through potential traps for the unwary in numerous ways: 

  • Providing accurate Chinese translations particularly when dealing with business jargon  
  • Tutoring on Chinese cultural differences even offering crash courses 
  • Accompanying you to meetings and serve as an intermediary thus insulating you from making mistakes with the Chinese  
  • Conducting research on your anticipated Chinese counterparts to help prepare for meeting them and making favorable first and lasting impressions 

More Services

  • Investors_Small3

    Chinese Enterprise & Investors

    Enter or expand your footprint in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania. 

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  • Agencies_Small3

    US Government Agencies & Non-Profits

    We have experience working with Chinese & US government agencies.

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  • Educational_Small3

    Cultural, Tourism and Educational Exchanges

    Working with non-profit organizations to promote their cultural offerings in China.

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  • USBusinesses_Small3

    US Businesses

    Expand into international markets easily with the help of NavPac Advisors.

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  • Intelligence_Small3

    Business & Cultural Intelligence

    We can guide you through potential traps for the unwary. 

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  • Relations_Small3

    Government Relations

    We have experience working with Chinese & US government agencies.

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